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If your work or study involves spending a lot of time sitting in front of office desks, having a comfortable chair that supports your back and encourages good posture will make a huge difference to both your comfort and the quality of the work that you produce. Ergonomic office chairs are designed with adjustment points to adjust to fit specific body types of individuals using the chair. They tend to be more expensive than any old office chair without the adjustment capabilities but you can consider the expense an investment in your health. Seat Height: The chairs height should be adjusted so that your feet lay flat on the floor, your thighs are level, and your arms are even with your desk height.

As Jonathan Olivares, the author of the task chair taxonomy explained to me, this basic movement is one of two prevailing models currently employed by the majority of task chairs. The alternative, which is employed by the Leap, as well as the Humanscale Freedom and the Knoll Generation (among the chairs I tested), pushes your butt up as your recline (and, in the Leap's case, actually slides your butt forward). The wheels are nice and roll-y, though all the chairs I tested were great in this regard. Now, task chairs aren't a category that gets a ton of attention in terms of professional reviews.

These chairs generally cannot be sat in for more than a couple hours at a time without becoming uncomfortable, though they often offer more room to move than higher-end chairs. High-end chairs in this category, such as the Herman Miller Aeron , are comfortable for long periods. Task chairs are desk chairs that are designed for everyday use in your home or office. Traditional office chairs tend to be comfortable and oversized, often tufted and commonly made from leather.

As my boss Brian outlined in the New York Times , a handy equation for determining the true cost of a product is dividing its price by the number of hours you're going to use it. With the certainty that it will last at least 8 years, the true cost of a high-end task chair starts looking much more reasonable. But as someone who's meticulously researched how today's task chairs have developed over the last half-century, he had a slightly broader view of what you're really investing in.

The Zody Task is a great chair to consider if you want a quality office chair with all the bells and whistles for a smaller price. Or if you've tried some of the bigger competitors and aren't satisfied, Zody's green concentration claiming zero waste to landfill (chairs are made from recycled materials) and 12-year warranty might win you over. Simply put, the Aeron defined the modern office chair and its popularity is a testament to the chair's value as a long-term ergonomic investment.

It is definitely one of the most comfortable chairs I've ever sat in over a long period of time. Many leather chairs start out comfortable at the beginning of the day, but since they don't breathe as well, they end up feeling hot and sticky by the end of the day. However, if you change chairs frequently, and work casually in front of a computer, then a leather chair might be more comfortable or elegant for certain office situations. I can only imagine that these consumers have had Office Stools the same experience I have in breaking or wearing out chair after chair.

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